“Dynargie has been partnering with BTPN in delivering Leadership Journey Programs for BTPN employees. During our partnership, we had fun experiences and are satisfied with the program delivered. The strength of Dynargie training is the facilitation given along and until the journey ended so that participants had continuous learning process.”

Dwiputri Kristianti

Academy Lead at BTPN - INDONESIA

“Dynargie Indonesia is one of the best partners MullenLowe Group Indonesia (then Lowe Indonesia) has had experience working with. Best is defined through the fact that it brings results. The methods might have had required customisation to fit this dynamic and versatile industry of MullenLowe’s during the first phases of partnerships, and this has allowed a stronger understanding of the participants’ individual needs. We are happy to see that not only does Dynargie deliver to our talents during their tenure at MullenLowe Group Indonesia, but the ‘transformation’ as an impact had empowered them and they have taken this with them in their new ventures, beyond MullenLowe Group Indonesia employmentship.”

Josephine Lapod

People, Communications and Culture at MULLENLOWE GROUP - INDONESIA

“One year ago we completed the articulation of our leadership framework for the entire TITAN Group. This framework combines the elements of our culture that brought our success up to today. These are the elements we want to safe keep. At the same time the framework introduces the behaviors we want to reinforce to guarantee that our success continues in the decades to come. As part of engaging our people on those behaviors, our plan was to align all our internal people related processes with those behaviors. For the first year we prioritized the Performance and Development Process, as a pivotal one, that affects most people in our organization and creates a foundation for other people processes. While being clear on what we want to do we were meeting challenges on how we could bring our vision close to the tangible reality of our managers inside our organization. We wanted to create practical tools and methods that would be easily applicable by a diversified managerial population spread in nine different countries (USA, Greece, Egypt, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Bulgaria, Turkey). At that point we invited Dynargie to work with us. At an initial stage they helped us explore our challenges by approaching it from the standpoint of managers for whom the tools were designed. Dynargie helped us shift from a theoretic standpoint to practical ways of experiencing such dilemmas. This led to co-designing a first workshop to help managers understand why performance differentiation is needed and how they can use the leadership framework towards developmental discussions with their reports. We piloted and co-delivered the same workshop to managerial teams in all nine countries where TITAN is operating. For every delivery we were pairing one representative from Group HR with one Dynargie facilitator to be able to capture internal and external best practice. The feedback from our managers was that we were meeting their needs and making best use of their time, as all the practical tools experienced in the workshop could transfer immediately on the job. As soon as the first phase was competed we analyzed and synthesized feedback and input from all participants. Our findings helped us design the second phase of training together with Dynargie in an even more customized way. We rolled the second workshop as a continuation of the first, touching an even broader managerial audience. As we look back on how Dynargie added value to our effort, we feel that there are at least three distinct ways. First, as thinking partners, they helped us look deeper in the solutions that we were designing for the organization. They assisted us to understand what we could be missing towards meeting the practical needs of our managers while respecting the high standards that we aspire. Second, as training experts, they guided us on how to best design the training by providing their valuable experience and know how. They helped us make choices, prioritize and organize training days that landed well by meticulous design, methodic preparation and professional delivery. Finally, as team players in a collective internal effort, they helped us complete a very demanding schedule with relentless energy, building bridges and finding solutions on every turn.”

Argyro Arapidou

Group Organizational Development and Talent Management Director at TITAN Group HR / TITAN CEMENT Company SA

“We prefer Dynargie due to long-term cooperation and positive feedback from our employees who participate in the seminars. We are collaborating with Dynargie in the areas of our High Potentials group, seminars for Top Management and individual consultations. We are very satisfied with the results of this collaboration. Dynargie offers above-standard qualified trainers. We know what to expect from Dynargie.”


HRM - Miroslav Icha - CZECH REPUBLIC

“The Practical Leadership course is a value way to improve our relationship capacity it is a well spent time.”

Luiz Viollant

General Manager - Takeda Farma - BRAZIL

"Cooperation with Dynargie is perfect. Our employees are satisfied. Trainers have good organization skills and very good results."

Hana Miksovicova

Training manager - VALEO - CZECH REPUBLIC

"In Dynargie, I found the partner I’d been looking for in the training area for the LEO Pharma sales force in 2016. Attentive to the specific needs of our company, they knew how to adapt content to our reality, providing effective and highly valued training for our team and their respective Heads.
We will certainly count on Dynargie for similar activities in the future.”

Gonçalo de Seabra

General Director LEO Farmacêuticos, Lda. - PORTUGAL

"From their very first contact with OLAmobile, Dynargie stood out from their competitors. They diagnosed our needs excellently, as well as proposing a plan for the development of behavioral and management skills suited to the company’s stage of development. I would definitely recommend their services."

Jorge Araújo

HR Director - OlaMobile - PORTUGAL

"Dynargie surprised us in two important respects. One was the way in which the company was always prepared to see our current situation from a commercial viewpoint, painstakingly developing a structured program that really addressed our training needs. The other respect was that, in all the training groups, we noticed swift changes in the behavior of our managers and coordinators in dealing with individuals and teams. This was also true of the Sales’ Consultants, who found the proposed sales’ process really efficient and thought it could be used effectively on a daily basis."

Leonardo Guerreiro

Commercial Director - Qualicorp - BRAZIL

"After the company’s “Leadership School” program, our leadership behavior changed immediately. Leadership is now our strong point and the company communicates successfully with the whole management group, with clearly communicated expectations.

Through the program, managers learned that they could decide, say no, give feedback, create opportunities for collaborators to make proposals and implement projects, as well as being active in other ways. They also learned that this is not personal and that their collaborators do not like them more or less because of the communication model set up between leader and led. This was a clear change and communication has greatly improved along with the speed with which problems have been solved throughout the company."

Tatiana Sartori

Human Resources Director - Daiichi-Sankyo - BRAZIL

"The quality of the programs, the inclusion of role plays in which each participant could try out the concepts in practice, the discussions about managing people in a transparent and mature way.

The advantage of small groups, with space for everyone to participate, through a practical methodology.

The Dynargie Programs increase the possibilities of dealing with the everyday issues of managing people."

Raquel Anderman

Universidade Corporativa do Metrô - BRAZIL

"The programs are absolutely appropriate for all management levels, greatly facilitating the difficult task of being a manger."

Carla Aparecida Marçal

Director of Human Resources - Ourofino - BRAZIL

"Dynargie has played a fundamental role in the development of Colep personnel throughout our long partnership. The solid approach and the practical nature of the training programs that we have been designing together with Dynargie are high quality and effective methodologies in Colep’s Human Resources’ strategy for our geographically widespread operations."

Joana Roda

Talent Development & Communication Manager Corporate Human Resources - Colep - PORTUGAL